Which card is right for you? That depends on your personal needs. One thing to be alert for however; most prepaid cards - reoladable or not - usually come with fees. Those fees can be include a "purchase fee", monthly "maintenance" fees and various other fees that can add up to hundreds of dollars. Here are some basic FAQs about both Cards. For more information visit our FAQ page.

How can I get an IBank Prepaid Card?
You can pick up an IBank Card at any authorized IBank Merchant or in most stores where gift cards are sold. Visit our Store Locator to find a store near you.
How much money can I load on my card?
The Minimum Load Amount is $10 USD and the Maximum is $500 USD.
Is there a fee to purchase the IBank Prepaid Card?
There is no fee to "purchase" the IBank Prepaid Card. However, we do collect a Deposit of $5 USD. When you upgrade your card to an IBank Debit account, we refund the deposit into your IBank Account. If you exhaust the funds and do not upgrade your card, or the card is dormant for more than 120 days, the $5 deposit is forfeit.
Will I be rquired to give any personal information?
No; the IBank Prepaid Card is completely anonymous. If you decide to upgrade to an IBank Debit Account, we will ask you for basic information to verify your identity.
Are prepaid cards better than a bank Debit Card?
There are a number of advantages to having a debit card that is tied to a bank account. For instance, with your IBank Debit card you will have access to additional features and benefits that are not available with the Prepaid card. However, it is always a matter of personal choice.