About Us

What you should know about IMEX

Our Vision

To advance the economic well-being of unbanked working people by helping them save money that can be invested in their future.

Our Mission

Bring the financially disenfranchised into the mainstream economy and distrupt an industry that has seen little in the way of true innovation for over a century.

Our Promise

To insure that our most vulnerable members will always have the ability to access the services that we provide, free of charge.

In Brief

Despite what banks say, banking has never really been “convenient”.   And now that banks are closing branches by the thousands — the majority in low-income neighborhoods — getting to the bank is even more difficult.   IBank's game-changing technology brings "convenience" back to banking.    We built the IBank Platform with a focus on solving the problems of the unbanked - particularly the unbanked that are "unconnected".    In order to accomplish a plan of this magnitude, we built our firm around people with key characteristics that enable us to provide the stewardship necessary to acheive our goal.   Our management team is comprised of experienced professionals, each with a significant ownership stake and unique qualifications and supported by a dedicated and talented staff of technicians and administrative personnel.

The Company

IMEX is a technology company that has developed a Patent-Pending method to provide Basic Transactional Banking, Payment and Remittance services to over 2 billion Working Adults and Small Businesses Worldwide who lack...

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Our People

Our Management Team has over a century of combined experience in top-level positions with direct, hands-on experience in all aspects of Exchange Operations, Banking, Foreign Currency Exchange...

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Our Technology

"Cutting-edge" is an over-used attibutive in the technology industry.   Cutting-edge technology is useless unless it's "useful".    Not only is the IBank Platform is built upon "Best-in-class" technology...

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Career Opportunities

We are a “Play To Win” team. At IMEX, every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn, grow - to excite and delight our customers. As a rapidly growing company, we are always looking for passionate...

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