Prepaid Account

Annoymous, Convenient, Global - NO FEE

IBank Prepaid

Not ready for a Full-Service IBank Account?   An IBank Prepaid card is a convenient way to get started familiarizing yourself with the benefits of becomming an IBank Member.

Pay Bills, Shop Online, anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted - and Never Any Fees.   If you decide you need more benefits like Overseas Money Transfer, a Savings Account and Rewards, you can Upgrade to a Full-Service Account in less than 15 minutes.

Prepaid Card Features

Pick Up Your Card

Getting your IBank Prepaid Card is easy

And the First Step toward opening an IBank Account. Visit any participating IBank Merchant, or most stores where gift cards are sold, and pick up an IBank SmartCard. Unlike most Prepaid Debit Cards, there is No Cost to get the card and No Fees to use the card.

We do ask for a $5 deposit which will be refunded to your IBank Account when you upgrade. This deposit can be waived - details inside packaging.

Load Your Funds

Fast, Simple and Safer than carrying cash.

Take the card to the cashier and load your funds - up to the maximum of $500. You can use cash or checks. When your funds run low, reload the same way.

Checks must clear our bank before your funds are available to spend.

Enjoy The Benefits

Great Flexibility - and No Fees

Most prepaid debit cards are packed with fees: A Fee to purchase the card. A monthly fee to keep the card active. A minimum activity requirement. A fee to deposit and withdraw cash. Fees that can total hundreds of dollars annually. The IBank Prepaid Debit Card has ZERO FEES and ZERO Activity Requirements.

Upgrade For More Benefits & Savings

Get more when you upgrade. Send, Spend, Save. Simple ®

When you Upgrade your Prepaid Card to a Full-Service IBank Debit Card, you'll get access to additional Benefits and Services - and always NO FEES. Like Sending Money to friends and family overseas; Paying Bills; Open a Savings Account - and of course Rewards! No Smartphone or Internet required to to access IBank's Services - your IBank SmartCard is all you need. But if you do have a smart mobile device or Internet, we have more features you're sure to love.

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