Debit Account

The Benefits of a Full-Service Bank Account - in your Wallet

Bank Where You Shop.®

You take care of the shopping. We'll take care of the banking.


A safe place to keep your money. Safer than carrying cash and just as easy to use.


No Fees: Hidden or otherwise. IBank is free of fees and commitments or conditions.


Our state-of-the-art Global Network can process millions of transactions per second.


Almost anywhere you live, there's an IBank Authorized Merchant conveniently located near you.

No Smartphone? No Problem.

Your IBank SmartCard is all you need.

Bank Where You Shop.®

No smartphone or Internet required. Online and Mobile banking is convenient; but if you don't have a smart mobile phone or Internet access, your options are limited. With IBank, you can access your account at any Authorized IBank Merchant with your IBank SmartCard. But if you do have a smartphone, we've got the App - acces all of IBank's services right from your mobile phone, plus additional features like store and ATM locator.

Where did all that money go?

You spent $700.00 on Lattes this year. Don't let that happen again!

We all do it; a few pennies here, a few pennies there, and soon you're wondering where all that money went. Keep an eye on the pennies and you'll know. Track your spending; set limits on items you could be spending hundres of dollars on without knowing. Allocate those funds to a savings account and watch it grow.

Send Money Overseas

Now you can send money back home FAST and FREE.

Are you regularly sending money to family and friends overseas? If you are then you know about the high cost of third-party services like Western Union or Moneygram. There are NO FEES to send money to another IBank Member - even if they live in another country. And your friends and family will get their funds in minutes, not hours or days - with exchange rates that will beat any other vendors advertised pricing, GUARANTEED.

Pay Bills

Pay a fee to pay a bill? That's crazy!

Paying your bills without a bank account can be expensive. Using "Bill Pay" Services or buying Money Orders to pay bills every month can add up to hundreds of dollars annually - and don't forget the postage. And, in most cases, paying bills with cash simply is not possible. IBank Bill Pay is FREE.

Open a Savings Account

Put those fee savings to work for you!

Everyone should have some money put aside for emergencies - sooner or later that "rainy day" is going to come along. But saving money in a cookie jar or under a mattress is not a good idea.

You'll be saving hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars with IBank, instead of using expensive alternative financial services. Why not put that money away in an IBank Savings Account.

Deposit & Withdraw

Bank Where You Shop®

In Stores

No smartphone? deposit cash or checks at any Authorized IBank Merchant. Like all IBank Services, there is no additional fee.

Bank at ATMs


There are thousands of fee-free ATMs in our network where you can get cash and check your balance - some also accept deposits.

Bank Online


Got Internet? Either from a smartphone or your PC, you'll have access to even more Benefits & Services.

Transfer, Send & Pay

Transfer Money

Transfer Between Accounts

Moving money between your accounts is easy; visit an Authorized Merchant and use your SmartCard or use your smartphone or PC.

Send Money Overseas

Send to another Member Overseas

With new banking regulations, sending money to people domestically is usually free. Not so when sending overseas. Transferring to IBank Members overseas is FREE.

Pay Bills

Pay Bills

Paying bills without a bank account is a hassle - and it's expensive. Register your creditors with IBank and easily pay your bills with no additional fees.

Manage & Track

Set Goals

Set Goals

Mapping your expenses can help you find ways to save money. Setting goals can help you plan for large purchases.

Track Spending

Track Spending

Once you've set your goals, keeping track of where the money goes will help you stick to your plan.

Open Savings Account

Start Saving

You'll already be saving money by using IBank, so why not add those savings to your overall savings plan!

More Goodies

Get Coupons


We incentivize merchants to offer special pricing to our Members. You may recieve coupons at the checkout or via text message for the products you buy often.

Get Offers


Similar to coupons, Offers for services like loans and insurance may be presented to you at the time of purchase or other methods that we use to communicate with you.

IBank for Kids

IBank For Kids

Teaching your children how to manage their money is an important life skill that will benefit them as adults. Track and limit their spending with an IBank Junior Card.

Wait, there's more...

More benefits when you become a member

eCommerce Solutions

IBank Marketplace

Search for deals on tons of products at special pricing only for IBank Members. IMart has many categories to choose from - even some products that you won't find anywhere else.

IBank University

IBank University

Team up with some of the best providers of online courses. Sharpen your exisiting skills, maybe even learn new ones or study any subject from Aerobics to Zoology - all Free.

IBank Community

IBank Community

Meet other IBank Members from around the world. Make new friends, share ideas, photos - maybe discover new opporunities.